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Keri Phillips, Author

During my years in personal, management, team and organisation development I have always enjoyed writing about my work, in both theory and practice.

This site brings together much of my recent ideas, experiences and publications. There are my books, ranging from about sixty to one hundred pages : ‘ Transactional Analysis in Organisations’,  ‘ Intuition in Coaching’, ‘ Creative Coaching: Doing and Being’, ‘Fragmentation at Integration,’ – which explores the drama and dynamics of a last-minute change of mind, ‘ Coaching and Betrayal’, and ‘ Coaching in Organisations : Between the Lines’. They are available as downloads as are my papers. There is no charge for the latter. They cover material produced for workshops, conferences, speeches and newsletters. They range in length from a couple of pages ( e.g. MBTI and the Shadow’) to thirty pages ( e.g. ‘ The Delights and Terrors of Betrayal : Coaching Implications’.

I was recently delighted to be invited to contribute a chapter, ‘ Working with Intense Emotions’ to the book, ‘ The Heart of Coaching Supervision. Working with Reflection and Self-Care’, Stephen Palmer and Eve Turner ( eds). RKP 2019.

I have also for some years written short theory blogs and these are readily available via my Facebook page; recent topics include ‘ Causes and Consequences of Polarisation’, Translation and Transition’, ‘Coffee, Corridor and Calendar Coaching’, ‘ Psychopaths and Groupthink’ and ‘ Possible Guidelines for the Helper – Coach, Counsellor, Therapist, Supervisor’.


Due to ill health all articles are available on free download for the next two months and after that the website will close. Thank you everyone for your support.